Volume Lashes

Love the full glam look with or without makeup? Then this is perfect for you!

These handmade fans will be 100% tailored to the exact look that you are wanting to achieve with your new set of fluffy lashes. Volume lashes are by far the most popular version of lash extensions. You can wake up in the morning feeling glamorous and beautiful with these showstopping lashes! This style is extremely intricate and I take my time executing quality, clump free, beautiful volume lashes!

Hybrid Lashes

You love a glamorous look, but not TOO glam…

Hybrid Lash Extensions are perfect for a glam girl that loves a subtle enhancement to the eyes! These lashes are a mixture of handmade fans, and classic lashes to create a soft “wispy” set. Not too full, and not too natural. If you are considering Volume Lashes but not quite ready to commit, these are a great introduction to making the transition as well!

Classic Lashes

The “Quintessential Natural Beauty”, vibe!

Classic Lash Extensions enhance length and dimension and are one lash extension adhered to one natural lash. They are extremely light weight and will have everyone wondering what you’ve done differently, but they can’t put their finger on what it is! There are many different types of lengths and curls to create the perfect Classic Lash look tailored specifically to you with out feeling anything but naturally beautiful!